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Services Offered:
  • Gentle & Specific Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Therapeutic Soft Tissue Work
  • NMT/Trigger Point Therapy
  • Dry Needling/Acupuncture
  • Practitioner Assisted Stretching Techniques
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Physical Therapy Modalities (Heat/Cold/Electric Muscle Stimulation)
  • Home Care Instruction & Patient Education
  • Health Coaching (Diet, Fitness, Stress Reduction)

The Details:

Gentle & Specific Chiropractic Adjustments

We use hands on techniques to adjust both the spine and extremities, as needed.  Our adjustments are highly specific and only address the particular joints that are in need.  When joints are "stuck in place" or "locked up" or when the joint has lost its "proper range of motion" due to a "misalignment", chiropractic adjustments are indicated to restore proper motion to the affected joint.  Benefits of chiropractic adjustments include improved range of motion, improved posture, decreased pain, improved bodily function, higher energy levels, improved sleep, decreased stress levels, just to name a few!

Therapeutic Soft Tissue Work (NMT/Trigger Point Therapy)
We use therapeutic soft tissue work in the form of NeuroMuscular Therapy(NMT) aka Trigger Point Therapy, in order to reduce muscle spasms and improve muscular balance to the body.  Because the joints of the body are intimately related to and connected to muscles, by relaxing the muscles before the adjustment is performed, we are able to apply much less force making our adjustments safer and more comfortable.  Also by relaxing the muscles we get better and longer lasting results for our patients!  

Dry Needling Technique (DNT)/Acupuncture
Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years.  We decided to add acupuncture, mainly in the form of DNT in order to improve our effectiveness. When an acupuncture needle is placed into the trigger point of a muscle it produces a quick response that relaxes the muscle.  When a muscle is relaxed the blood flow improves, thereby healing the muscle and breaking cycles of pain and spasm.  Certain muscles react much better to DNT than to hands on muscle work, especially when they are deep muscles or if the muscle has been in chronic spasm.  In addition to DNT, we also use Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, as indicated.  

Practitioner Assisted Stretching Techniques
Just as tight muscles can reduce range of motion, so may tight tendons and ligaments.  Tendons connect muscle to bone.  Ligaments connect bone to bone.  Practitioner Assisted Stretching Techniques is a fancy way of saying "Passive Stretching", meaning the provider is stretching you, rather than you stretching yourself (which would be Active Stretching).  Passive Stretching is beneficial because it improves range of motion beyond muscle work alone, increases flexibility, prevents injury, reduces aches and pain, improves posture, increases blood flow, and helps you to relax.  And, best of all, the results are immediate!

Strengthening Exercises
Once pain is reduced or eliminated and the healing process has begun, it is important to begin "Active Care".  Strengthening muscles surrounding the problem area will promote full recovery and prevent the problem from returning.  Dr. Roy studied Exercise Science before attending Chiropractic College.  He is extremely knowledgeable in muscular conditioning and is able to prescribe a safe and effective rehabilitation routine that will maximize long term results!

Physical Therapy Modalities (Heat/Cold/Electric Muscle Stimulation)
We utilize Physical Therapy Modalities in order to prepare your body for the chiropractic treatment.  We typically apply Heat or Cold (depending on your condition) in combination with Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and relax the muscles surrounding the area that we will be treating.  After a few minutes in our "Therapy Room" you will notice all of your tension melt away and you are now ready for your visit with Dr. Roy!

Home Care Instruction & Patient Education

At BodyWorks Chiropractic, not only will you receive top notch, quality, Chiropractic Care, you will also receive a plethora of education and home care instruction.  What sets us apart from our competition goes well beyond our treatment.  We teach our patients how their problem formed and we prescribe changes our patients will need to make in order to prevent the same problem from returning.  In addition we teach our patients exercises and stretches to perform at home between visits in order to decrease the number of visits needed in our office.  At BodyWorks, we work together as a team in order to get you out of pain, improve your function and performance.  By following our recommendations, you will see that there is NO NEED FOR WEEKLY VISITS OVER LONG PERIODS OF TIME.  Actually, Chiropractic repeated over and over again, too often, and for too long of a period of time can actually have negative impacts by making you hyper mobile and less stable thereby increasing the probability of injury recurring.

Health Coaching (Diet, Fitness, Stress Reduction)

If you are looking to truly improve your health and wellness, we offer services that extend far beyond physical improvements through Chiropractic Care.  If you are interested in feeling and functioning your best, often times it is necessary to improve your diet, increase your level of fitness, and/or reduce your stress levels.  Dr. Alison can provide one on one Health Coaching Sessions that cover general guidelines on healthy eating and help you make better food choices that become part of your new and improved "lifestyle".  She can educate and motivate you to get moving and lose weight by helping you create an exercise routine that best fits your life.  She can also assist you with stress reduction techniques that will benefit your overall wellness in a big way as stress has far reaching negative effects on health! 

If you require specific dietary changes or an exercise routine for a particular medical condition, we will refer you to our friends at True Life Medicine.